Listen Oscar 100 directly KiwiSDR of IU8CRI on 29.75 MHz USB

Listen Oscar 100

directly KiwiSDR of IU8CRI on 29,750 MHz USB


29.750 MHz USB (Beacon)

PRESS THE BUTTON Auto Scale and adjust the following parameters as shown in the picture

WF max -38dB

WF min -107dB

(Posted on FaceBook few days ago between various comments)

“Antonio Iu8cri am satisfied that at least the fact that nvestimento (700 EUR, between the ALA1530LN and KiwiSDR and various accessories) serves not only to myself but I can share the receiving station, with all true enthusiasts of radio listeners. I also have news in the pipeline, which will advance, you can listen on my KiwiSDR, at the end of the HF around 29.750 MHz all the frequencies of the geostationary satellite Oscar 100 with absolute stability because both KiwiSDR that my down-converter (740 MHz LNB output of the parabola to 29 MHz) that the LNB reception (25 MHZ with the divider 100 MHz), all are related to GPSDO to 100 MHz that connects to the GPS satellites with atomic clocks Rubidium, has precise frequencies the millionth hertz. In a few days the first trial. “


73 Antonio IU8CRI